Areas We Serve

Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is notorious for being at the heart of all excitements. Neighbors to the capital, there are many activities and site seeing one can partake in. Having all four seasons, one can experience each season at its finest during the environmental changes. Northern Virginia is also known for having one the best schooling systems in the country. Known to be one of the best places to live in, we are proud to serve in Northern Virginia. With our services, we make sure all your belongings are packed and moved safely to your new home. Learn more about our services in Northern Virginia.


Known for its great location, Woodbridge is great suburban area to live in. With its convenient commute to Washington, D.C., there are many perks to living in Woodbridge. With the affordable housing in Woodbridge, theres a large attraction to the area. With our services, we are able to assist any type of move. Our long distance services, makes any move as simple as possible. Our movers are well-trained and licensed to make sure all your belongings make it safely to your new destination. Learn more about our services in Woodbridge.


Richmond is known for its beautiful city that is filled with history around every corner. Filled with mountains and beaches, Richmond has many great day trip options for anybody to enjoy. With all the flourishing nature, Richmond is also a great area for hiking and other outdoor activities. The city is quite big having many large and open spaces creating a great view while driving. With our moving services, we can insure our clients that we will make their moving process go as smoothly as possible. We are proud to provide storage, packing, and boxes for our clients to use for their move. We can do long distances to even international moves if requested. Learn more about our services in Richmond.


Being the center of many other popular cities, Burke is quite a popular area. Neighbors to the famous capital, Burke is a stress-free commute to Washington, D.C. Known for its large and eventful Park, Burke Lake Park attracts many families and children to have some outdoor fun. With a large diversity, Burke provides excellent restaurants from all different types of cuisines. Many families and individuals who are looking to settle down, find that Burke is a great area to move to. With our services, we are able to assist anyone no matter how far it may be. Our movers are well-trained and proactive when making sure a moving job needs to get done. We also provide many other services when its comes to storage needs. Learn more about our services in Burke.


Midlothian, Virginia is a suburban community located in the northwestern part of Chesterfield County, just a few miles west of Richmond. Here you can find the unincorporated Village of Midlothian that includes old and new churches, elegant and favorable restaurants, unique shops, schools, a modern post office, and older homes; all surrounded by a typical new residential development. This lovely historic community offers many other attractions as well. It is the home for a beautiful, historic park for walking and picnics near the village core. We are honored to provide our moving and storage services to this great town. Learn more about our services in Midlothian.


One of the oldest political subdivisions in Virginia, Henrico County is a thriving community that is known for its many memorable historic sites. It serves as an ideal gateway to the entire central Virginia region. Here you can explore Civil War battlefields, enjoy the thrill of a NASCAR race, and choose from hundreds of other attractions. The best part is that this town is located just minutes away from anywhere you want to be. Whether you want to see historic landmarks, exhilarating sporting events, or to explore our great shopping opportunities, Henrico has it covered. Here at Regency, we are proud to serve this beloved historic community with our moving and storage services. Learn more about our services in Henrico.